Sunday, October 7, 2007

Securing your Wireless Network

There are a numbers of things you can keep in mind which will help to lessen the likeliness of a breach of security in your wireless network. I have compiled a list of tips that I think will be of use to anyone who has a wireless network.
-As should be the case with a wired network, only share what is needed. Don’t share entire partitions, share folders instead. Also, depending on the level of confidentiality, you should always password protect anything that is shared using an archive tool.
-If you’ve implemented the WEP authentication method, be sure to use the Shared Key method, every so often change your WEP keys and make them as difficult as possible.
-Be sure to secure your wireless access point with a strong password; don’t just leave the default one in place!
Disable access point administration via wireless clients. This means that any changes to the access point configuration would have to be done from a machine attached to the wired network.
-On smaller networks, use MAC address filtering as an added means of security. Don’t rely on this feature alone but use it in conjunction with another security method.
-Change the default SSID to something that is understandable to you but not to outsiders. This will make it slightly more difficult for people to connect to your network. Be sure to change it to something that won’t give too much information away about your network.
-Disable SSID broadcasting. This feature is meant to make it easier for clients to connect to the network because the network name can be automatically discovered by the client operating system. This means anyone in range of your access point will automatically know your network exists.
-If you need wireless access in your building alone, try putting the access point in the centre of the building to decrease the chance of a wardriver* being in range of your signal.
-If you’re willing to see a dip in speed then using a VPN would be the more secure option for a wireless network. This is fairly quick and easy to setup and has great benefits, as opposed to other means of security.
wireless system.

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